Mindless data collection

Avoiding data collection on the internet is a challenge. In a recent experiment with online anonymity, I withdrew cash to pay for a coupon that would allow me to sign up for Mullvad VPN. I even wore a baseball hat to more easily obscure my face. One of the few VPN providers to encourage this, I can use their service — and pay for it — without giving away my identity.

Mullvad* VPN have the right idea. The less data they collect about me, the less concern they need to have for any data collection leading to potentially harmful outcomes.

*”Mullvad” is the Swedish word for the burrowing mammal known as mole.

Worryingly, it appears harder and harder to build an online presence without also subjecting customers and stakeholders to extensive tracking. Just by your choice of platform you could be forcing them into a system of surveillance without any proportionate benefit to your own organisation.

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Per Axbom

Making tech safe and compassionate through design, coaching and teaching. Independent consultant. Co-host of UX Podcast. Primary publication: axbom.com