Mindless data collection

My latest posts

  • A guide to voting in the Swedish election. While the election is now formally over, this post gives some insight into the types of content I like to produce to help people act on their rights to influence the wellbeing of themselves and their communities. I’ve been very moved by the people reaching out to thank me for the website.

News wrapup

Thoughtful read on AI complexities

In this article we learn about the pre-digital history of determining who gets a kidney transplant, how algorithms get it wrong and the importance of including the community in decisions that impact the community.

A cartoon about all the things Chrome collects about you

The multi-page Contra Chrome comic is drawn by Leah Elliott, an artist and digital rights activist. You can follow Leah on Mastodon.

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Lauren Celenza is an independent UX designer, writer, and educator based in Seattle. Lauren teaches design and ethics at Harbour.Space University in Barcelona and Bangkok and writes the newsletter How to Work in Tech Without Losing Your Soul.



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Per Axbom

Per Axbom

Making tech safe and compassionate through design, coaching and teaching. Independent consultant. Co-host of UX Podcast. Primary publication: axbom.com