Indieweb and self-hosting my own space

As I’m moving all my online assets to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) I wanted to share my current setup. I also want to emphasise that I’ve been able to set this all up with decent technical knowledge and an understanding of how the internet works, but far from adept developer skills or any significant familiarity with running a server prior to this.

I really hope to learn over the next year and help others build the confidence to take similar steps. I’ll try and keep this post as updated as possible along the way.

My reasons for doing this has been outlined in other posts, but it’s about a few things:

  • Owning and having control over my own content. i.e. not allowing my content to be collected and used by bigh tech for building their wealth, targeted advertising or emotional gaslighting.
  • Lessening my dependency on big tech for my online presence, conversations and collaboration.
  • Avoiding proprietary algorithms and their determination of what receives attention.
  • Supporting small tech, a concept best described by Small Technology Foundation.
  • Learning enough to help others. And to feel more confident I know what I’m talking about when speaking and writing about independence on the web.

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