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Making tech safe and compassionate through design, coaching and teaching. Independent consultant. Co-host of UX Podcast. Primary publication:


  • Dafne Miranda

    Dafne Miranda

    Product Designer — Florianópolis, Brasil.

  • jaf0


    roadkill on the information superhighway

  • Tove Iggström

    Tove Iggström

    Chief Marketing Officer @ Bannerflow | LinkedIn: | Pinterest: toveiggstrom | Tweets are my own...

  • Hynt (formerly SeeNote)

    Hynt (formerly SeeNote)

    Hynt sets better reminders by stashing messages where you need them and then alerting you right on the spot. Launching April 2017.

  • Christian Skog

    Christian Skog

    Project manager and philanthropist wannabe. Wannabe more.

  • Sofia Dahlgren

    Sofia Dahlgren

    I've worked as an interactiondesigner for 14 years. First as a creative director, then PhD student and for the last 4 years as a consultant at inuse.

  • Cătălina Movileanu

    Cătălina Movileanu

    Problem solver, passionate about technology, astronomy, design thinking, and user experience. Excited to create technologies that will shape the future.

  • Eric Young

    Eric Young

    Eric Young is a professional Healthcare writer in NJ. He loves to write and share Healthcare tips and Healthcare product reviews.

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