Algo-free behavior

Leaving bad habits

Just a few hours after leaving I wrote a blog post. This was the first post that I didn’t actively ”push” on my social media platforms. Platforms with significant followings. And algorithms.

  1. My tweet would likely have been picked up by others, retweteeted and sparked more anger and rage over the company’s inability to understand how inappropriate the message was.
  2. I would have felt validated by likes and retweets that it was a good thing for me to call out the ”bad” actor.

The better choice

What happened instead was that I wrote a longer post about the issue, explaining it in more detail and with links to references. The next day I contacted Revue’s customer support with a link to the post, making them aware of my concerns.

My latest posts

News wrapup


URL cleaners. When you copy web addresses (known as URLs) to share with others they often contain tracking details (stuff after the question mark, known as “query string”). You can just delete all of that to remove the tracking, or use a tool that does it for you. Examples:

Research & Reports


On August 26 I will be at the Front Conference in Zürich giving a new talk: How to Build the Good and Responsible Thing.


We recently interviewed Katie Swindler on UX Podcast about her new book Life And Death Design: What Life-Saving Technology Can Teach Everyday UX Designers. The book gave me many important insights about the different stress-related circumstances that can be mitigated with good design to avoid harmful impact. I recommend both the interview and the book.


I really enjoyed this episode of Maintenance Phase. Not really about anything digital, we learn about how global public interventions and truths about wellbeing can be based on very questionable science.

Fighting the good fight

Norwegian hacker Runa Sandvik is working to protect journalists and newsrooms from powerful adversaries who want to keep wrongdoing and corruption out of the public eye.

Mindful business

Biomimicry is the concept of solving complex human problems by imitating models, systems and elements found in nature. In this article we get some important insights about how to adopt a business model that is sustainable and stands for both profit and positive social impact.


A picture of the 1978 Sears Floor Model Computer for 11 1/2" Dolls (Barbie-size). No batteries needed. Works with the push of a finger. Revolving data graph, simulated flashing light panel and moving tape reels. Pictures from Worthpoint.

Long read

The first ever national eports tournament was won in 1980 by a transgender woman, Rebecca Heineman. Her rise to stardom allowed the Space Invaders champion to escape an abusive home, moving to Maryland to teach Atari 2600 game development at the age of 17. Today Rebecca is an icon in video game development, having designed and led the development of classic games such as The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate and Dragon Wars.

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På svenska / In Swedish

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  • Tillgänglig inloggning med QR-kod (film). Kontakter med myndigheter, banker och företag kräver allt oftare inloggning med QR-kod. Antingen i kombination med BankID eller Freja eID. Det finns många övergripande problem med QR-koder, men jag vill här adressera hur de visas på ett sätt som gör det oerhört svårt för människor med olika grader av synnedsättning att nå viktiga tjänster.



  • Nu tas nästa steg i arbetet med en statlig e-legitimation. Den ökade digitaliseringen gör det allt svårare att klara sig i samhället utan tillgång till en e-legitimation. Det är därför viktigt alla ges möjlighet att skaffa en säker e-legitimation. DIGG har nu fått i uppdrag av regeringen att lämna förslag om framtagandet av en statlig e-legitimation.

Komet (Kommittén för teknologisk innovation och etik)




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