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Illustration of an apple with a worm crawling through it. Peeking out out of the center of the apple is a human-looking eye.

Apple has announced new functionality coming to their devices this autumn. The announcement has stirred up debate and damnation in the privacy community. And also disappointment among Apple users who have previously celebrated Apple’s attention to privacy. …

I’ve been working for some months on this chart as a summary of the many ways digital holds potential for negative impact. Alongside the chart I’ve provided a brief summary of the meaning of the currently six sections and 32 elements.

I am not an opponent of digital. I am…

Once we recognise digital harm as a form of abuse it becomes clear how the same patterns of victim-blaming that we see in all abusive relationships tend to be repeated.

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One of the most common rebuttals I hear when talking about harmful design is the idea that “people can just leave if they don’t like it”. This follows a similar pattern to all abusive relationships where one party is exerting power over…

A rarely talked about field of research, known as keystroke dynamics, involves identifying individuals based on how they type on a keyboard. It’s getting better, and also easier for anyone to implement.

Originally published on on November 30, 2020.

As early as 1860, experienced telegraph operators realized they could actually recognize each individual by everyone’s unique tapping rhythm. To the trained ear, the soft tip-tap of every operator could be as recognizable as the spoken voice of a family member.


A tool for thinking holistically about digital ethics when planning coursework and writing.

Originally published on on July 12, 2020.

This mindmap is a work in progress. It helps me create the syllabus for my course Ethics in Design, as well as outline corporate workshops. It helps to draw from when I’m preparing talks and lectures. It reminds me of the complexity of the system, but also of why it matters to work intentionally with Digital Ethics today.

Maybe it can be of help to you as well.

Per Axbom

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